Modern world is spinning faster and faster. We work longer and longer hours, hence we under stress more often than we used to be. We need to fight stress, depression and tiredness and the best way to do it is going to the gym or have an active rest to keep our minds of the problems and daily routine. Of course you'd like to feel safe and comfortable while you're exercising, going camping or just having a picnic.

Sport industry as well as fashion designers does their best to supply you with suitable T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, anoraks, tracksuits, sneakers and boots. Let's start with the T-shirts and tops. They should be practical and made of natural fabrics but still look interesting and stylish. Whatever the T-shirt is long-sleeve or short-sleeve, hooded, open back or V-neck it must give you the freedom of movements and allow you body to breathe. In this case it's better to choose seamless construction in Stay Cool technology. It effectively cools your body, remove moisture and let you feel cool and dry. The colour choice should be up to your own preference.

Sport pants are always the centre of attention as you hardly can imagine doing exercises without this item of clothing. They are divided into several groups: leggings, classic loose pants and pants with stripes on the sides. Leggings are the only tight-fitting legs pants, so they are really comfortable, especially for doing yoga. Moreover they don't have any fasteners. It gives extra comfort and snug. Classic loose pants are the most common model of sport pants, as they're suitable for doing almost all kinds of sports, as well as for picnics and camping. Lots of women really adore them because this type of pants looks on slim ladies as perfect as on plump ones. One of distinctive features is pockets. Pants with stripes on the sides are also good choice for both slim and plump women, so we can call them universal pants. They can have different waistline: on hips or directly on the waist.

Hoodies have a great success as they are in tune with different stuff and styles. The specific elements are hood and a pouch. Hoodies are usually made of cotton or fleece, which guarantee you warmth and comfort. Hoodies can be of different length: short, elongate or mid-length. Today designers offer hoody coat, hoody dress or hoody smock.

So, dear ladies, it's in your arms to look gorgeous and stylish even when you go jogging in the park, work out in the gym, play tennis on the court or make barbeque on the picnic. Wherever you are, whatever you do just remember you are pretty woman.