Women's coats are never out of fashion. Colour, style, silhouette, fabrics and minor details can change, but still we have the coat at our disposal. Your coat surely protects you from wind blows and freezing cold. More over such thing as coat is able to embellish every woman. That's why a true lady has at least one coat in her wardrobe.

Durability and quality of the coat depend on the fabric chosen for sewing. Cashmere is one of the most expensive and qualitative materials for sewing coats. Softness and good warming property are cashmere's main features. Tweed is also good at keeping warmth. It doesn't fade and is well worn. But one of the most favorite choices is wool.

As any other clothes coats appears in different types and styles. Let's have a look at some of them. We'll start with classic, because whatever the fashion is classic is everlasting. Classic coats are usually come in restrained tones: black, grey and beige. If it seems a bit boring you can always add some colour wearing bright accessories such as scarves or belts.

Capes and ponchos are going main stream this season, because these practical and extraordinary things let you enjoy comfort, warmth and snug. A lot of ladies relished oversized coats. Despite the visual absurdity it makes women look even more delicate and fragile. The cocoon coat given us by the prominent Spanish designer Balenciaga is quite original, too. It looks stunning when you wear it together with narrow skirts or pants. Trench coats gain its popularity as well. They highlight waist line and conceal all the figure's flaws. They feature turn-down, double-breasted closure, sash and shoulder straps. Greatcoats are not last in the list of popular coats as they are really warm and look grand. They feature double-breasted closure and metal buttons. Swing coats are very interesting. They can be described as universal because they suit absolutely every type of figure.

Every season Fashion Houses all over the world offer us something new in styles of coats. We can see models of many different styles: classic, retro, military, bohemian. We can see models of all the colours of the rainbow. But the most pleasant thing is that it's available for every of us.