Dress is the ultimate symbol of feminine. It belongs to women and only women. Many of ladies may not agree and ask: “How about skirts? Are they not typically women's clothes? “Yes, they are. But then why do we watch parade of celebrities in tremendous dresses walking along the red carpet during the movie festivals? Have you ever seen movie stars wearing skirts at the award ceremony? No, never. That's because dress is the whole one, a complete creation. Perhaps dress is that kind of clothes which makes woman to feel inside woman. It's like an armuor that protects us from depression and bad mood. It gives us confidence and charm. Moreover the most important events of our life we meet wearing dress. I mean Christening and wedding.

Modern dresses are divided into three main groups: classic, casual and formal. Classic dresses feature strict and simple cut, as well as absolute absence of adorning. Dress - case is the most common model of this style. Free style and cut are distinctive for casual dress, and for such outfit decorative elements are always welcomed. Sarafan and shirt-dress are typical models of casual dress, hence these are informal clothes, clothes for active rest. Formal dresses (evening dresses, ball gowns and cocktail dresses) are worn for special events and occasions. However the ideal dress is the dress that highlights all the attractive parts of the figure and skillfully conceals the flaws if there are any.

Modern fashion for women's dresses can satisfy all and every woman because it's based on the huge assortment of fabrics and styles. But still where do ideas for creating new models come from? Hollywood has become the source of overwhelming fashion ideas for several times. Let's recollect the world – famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”. The main character outfits made by Givenchy laid the foundation for very elegant and dainty style, very simple but very elaborate and feminine. The Great Gatsby movie's first night was Hollywood's next invasion of the fashion world. Two of the most famous leading brands Prada and Miu Miu presented their own versions of vintage outfits a la the 20-s of the last century – very romantic and sophisticated style with straight lines and simple silhouette but incredibly rich fabrics. Due to American film industry fashion world has baby doll dresses. More than 50 years ago “The baby doll” film appeared on the screens and raised the wave of anger and disapproval among the public. Movie's notoriety soon faded but the style which the main character wore remained.

Famous fashion designers never stand aside when dresses are mentioned. Coco Chanel gave the world her glorious little black dress, Spanish designer Balenciaga gave the ladies his sack dress and Christian Dior shared New – look dress. Modern designers create dresses in Boho style. This style is bright and unrepeatable. The clue to its enormous success is natural fabrics in the most fantastical performance. Of course young ladies all over the world adore this style.

So let's thank the designers and wish them inexhaustible source of inspiration, so that every day we could witness the birth of new models and cuts which would make more and more women happy. But to be honest it doesn't matter if your dress is a famous designer masterpiece or you made it yourself. Your dress is a magic wand that allows you to create different images of you, but still fell yourself.