Handbags & Accessories

Every lady knows that innovation and refinement of the wardrobe is just impossible without stylish accessories, and bags are the main ones. Bags are faithful companions of women, which accompany them everywhere at work, at parties, during the workouts, strolls and rides. They are also able to embellish every outfit. Moreover bags are the way of self-expression. So if you want to catch up with fashion today, let's have a look at the best and trendiest models.

Classic is everlasting, so most of famous designers prefer classic models of bags which are usually made of leather as a result they look respectably. Such bags will highlight your business style and they are quite roomy in order to take all that you need. Bucket bag easily matches sporty and casual styles. It's an ideal option for going shopping or just strolling, as they are roomy and comfortable in use. As for colours and designs they impress with brightness and originality. Shoulder bags are going main stream and they are presented in many types such as hobo bags, backpacks or sling bags. They can be made from leather or textile, but whatever the material is these bags always look stylish. Clutches have been on trend for several seasons already, they are permanent participants of fashion shows. They really stun us with the colors and variety: casual, classic, extravagant.

Famous designer and architect of the 20th century Charles Ilu once said that details are responsible for creating the image. We speak about scarves, shawls, stoles, glasses, earrings, rings, belts, pendants. When we are about to choose the accessories we have to remember that there are two principles. The first one is to use accessory to renovate and complement the outfit. The second one is to use accessory as the main item of your outfit (in this case clothes should be neutral).

Shawls, stoles and scarves are still the centre of attention, and no wonder as they can embellish your outfit in no time. But remember they have to complement your face features and complexion and only then your outfit. Glasses are as popular as ever. This season pay attention to such frame patterns as tiger and tortoise. By the way drop form frames came back to fashion and gained as much popularity as round, dragonflies and butterflies ones. Lenses are tinted, smoky or brown, although blue and purple are in favor, too. Belts are essential part of many outfits. This season you can easily choose the perfect belt from narrow or wide, leather or textile, monochrome or color, braided or perforated. They are all in vogue. However there's one new trend – the belt without buckle, you just wrap it around your waist.

So as they say: ”The proof is in the pudding.” You'll easily find the right accessory if you are not scared of experiments. Never fear and look for the best.