However everyone loves summer we don't have to forget that we have more than half a year of cool and sometimes cold weather. So jacket is a vital part of our wardrobe.

We always choose jackets for specific weather conditions. So on a rainy day, if you still want to look stylish and have no intention to hide under umbrella leather jackets come in handy. But be careful as last season jackets in a rock style are gradually going out of fashion making room for classic and universal models. It's better to give preference to medium-length leather jacket with zip. You will look absolutely stunning if you put it on with jeans or pants in casual style. Raincoats and trench coats made of different texture leather: smooth or matte, patent or embossed are also in trend. But the hits of this season are glossy leather jackets. If we speak about colours then dark blue, light blue and smoky join the company of classic black, red and brown.

For a cold winter day famous fashion brand offer insulated leather jackets. They have gained great popularity because they are great at keeping warmth and they are waterproof, too. So you enjoy comfort and snug but yet look gorgeous. But still in everyday life comfortable parkas are most common. Today parkas up to knee decorated with fur collar and cuffs are at the height of fashion. A-shaped silhouettes jackets are also in trend. This season at the fashion Olympus you can meet bright orange, yellow and purple winter bulky jackets. They are for optimists who even on cold nasty day want to make surroundings happier.

By the way designers have a really great surprise for the fashion public. They offer bomber jackets made of thick windproof fabric, which provide you with warmth even during the severe frost. Let's take as an example jackets in a “pilot” style made of wool, velour or fur. However these jackets have one and only disadvantage – they are too short, I think you'll agree that's not good news when it's freezing cold.

So as you can see when you're outside in a cold time of the year jacket is your true friend. That means you should have a proper one in your wardrobe. They say, “Every man to his own taste” but this season is such rich in different types and styles that every lady has a splendid chance to find the jacket to her preferences.