If you are a lady there is one a must have thing in your wardrobe this season. Guessed what's this? It's a jumpsuit. The name of this wonderful outfit comes from the original use as a suit for parachutists. By the way car race drivers wear them as well. But no worries, you don’t have to be a risky daredevil to wear a jumpsuit. You'll just fall in love with this amazing item of clothing. However you ought to remember that as any other clothing jumpsuits have to be chosen right. You'd better follow the rule of so called “middle”: your jumpsuit shouldn't be too tight or too loose. If you don't break this simple rule you won't have any troubles in picking up the right model. If the jumpsuit fits you it will make you look slimmer and complement your figure. If you're still in doubts which jumpsuit will be best for you – think of the pants you wear and which suit you perfectly, then find jumpsuit with similar legs.

It's incredible but jumpsuit is over 45 years old. Nevertheless it's very popular today and you can see many celebrities wearing jumpsuits. The most famous fashion designers dress their models into jumpsuits for fashion week shows. And I think this fact gives us one more reason and just urges us to put on jumpsuits this season. If you're not a celeb and even not a top model you still have a great opportunity to show off your jumpsuit in the office, on the stroll in the park, on the beach or even at the party.

So if you're going to the party you have a hard task to choose from the impressive variety of jumpsuits. You can wear one – shoulder model in which you'll look stylish and flirty, as you know shoulders are the most attractive part of woman's body. If you are a very confident lady you'll prefer strapless model or jumpsuit with a deep neckline or even with the open back. For fragile women jumpsuit-skinny would be the best choice. As for colours today the leader is black jumpsuit, it can lose some points comparing to the classic small black dress, but still it is refine and glamour. The last but not least thing is to choose a matching pair of footwear for the perfect party jumpsuit. Never wear flats, only high heels. Forget about shoes with pointed toes, open - toed shoes are better for such event.

Summer jumpsuits can be short-legged or long-legged, but they must be made of light natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and absorb excessive perspiration. So you can put them on without any doubt in the hottest summer days. The bright colours and different prints are also distinctive features. But white jumpsuit plays leading role this season. However there is one thing that can annoy you – such jumpsuits as usual become dirty and wrinkled rather fast. Flats and slippers will go perfectly with summer jumpsuits as well as accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and belts. There's time to relax but there's time for work. Business style jumpsuit will be pertinent at work in the office, at the business meeting and even in negotiations. In this case the colours are restrained and the cut is strict.

So we can clearly see all the advantages of jumpsuits. You don't need to look for matching top. It's practical, comfortable and universal thing that let you create different stylish images.