Kids' fashion

Not only women follow the fashion trends but their daughters and sons as well. They want to be stylish and catch up with the vogue, too. Moreover there are lots of kid's fashion shows and they really surprise with their originality and innovation. Fashion houses prepare special stuff for kids and designers carry out their ideas, which are endless: from dresses and bags to footwear and accessories.

So what we are going to dress our kids in this season? Let's start with the young ladies. During the cold season double breasted coats and trench coats of many different colours will catch on. Bomber jackets and hooded anoraks with buttons and zippers are not less popular. In summer T- shirts and tops with original prints as well as different kinds of complex cut maxi skirts and miniskirts made from light fabrics will be the real hit. Girls will look superb in dresses with floral prints and flower patterns. Lace trim is a special glamour. Still the most important factor is the quality of natural fabrics for making kid's clothes. There is a great choice of footwear for girls. The most popular ones are platform shoes and sneakers. Their closest rival in popularity are ballerina shoes, they are really comfortable and match almost every clothes style. Leather and suede are preferable materials for making kid's footwear. As for colors, palette is incredibly rich. Girls are famous lovers of accessories and this season they have a real treasure chest of them at their disposal: belts, beads, rings, earrings, bracelets, bows, barrettes, hair bands, kerchiefs. All of them have the most wonderful designs and colours. Moreover decorating material might be very unusual and quite different: feathers, sequins, rhinestones. Bag, rucksack or clutch will be the finishing touch to the young fashionmonger's outfit.

For the young gentlemen leading fashion designers prepared classic velvet cargo pants a la school uniform and some interesting models of knee length shorts. Bermuda shorts with big roomy pockets are the real hit. Ripped jeans are in the top as well. In spring and summer green and orange are trendy colours. Designers also offered clothes for boys in marine and ethnic styles, but you should keep in mind military style which is still popular. But whatever styles you choose don't forget stylish suspenders, as they are number one in every outfit for boys. Sport chic is another lovely trend for boys, as they usually lead lively and active lifestyle. Bright sneakers and sport shoes are specially made for them.

In toddler's fashion the main criterion in choosing clothes is comfort, safety and practicality. Things must be the most durable.

Parents should be very careful in picking up appropriate outfits for their children and never forget that clothes have to be not only pretty and comfortable but apt as well. Elegant clothes made for adults look absurdly and sometimes even grossly on kids and teens. What is more important focus on your child tastes not on mass fashion. Listen to your kid and trust his or her opinion. As they say you can't be too young to be trendy.