Today leggings are really in trend and no doubt you will find one or two pairs of them in every woman's wardrobe. However they are not a brand new invention. In fact they first appeared in the world of fashion as far as in the 1970s. The moment of glory was quite short and gradually they went out of fashion, but not forever. Today we can witness the triumphant leggings come back into our lives. More over due to skillful hands of famous designers now we have several types of leggings such as: leggings, treggins and jeggings.

So what do we know about leggings? First of all they are made of such nice fabrics as silk and viscose with an addition of lycra, nylon and other elastic fibers. As you can already notice leggings are supposed to be elastic, look a bit like tights and they usually don't have any adorning. However they can be of different colours. The important thing is to know how to wear them in the most appropriate way. As every other fashionable stuff leggings demand respect and following of certain rules of usage. First of all everyone should keep in mind that leggings are supposed to be worn as a part of layered outfit. You can pair them with a long shirt, tunic, dress or even shorts. In fact the possibilities are endless and it's really up to your imagination and sense of style. Please, pay attention that they are not just ordinary pants so it's no use trying to wear them like this. Then you should remember never to wear leggings that are too loose or on contrary too tight. You just have to feel soft touch of leggings on your skin and obviously you'll look ridiculous in leggings showing every dimple and bumps on your legs.

Treggings are the brainchild of a famous brand Topshop. They suggested to the fashion public to try out their leggings that looked more like real pants but still were elastic, which was not surprising because cotton or leather blended with elastane were used to make treggings. As a rule treggings are decorated with pockets, belts, rivets, zippers and other things to get them a WOW factor.

In 2009 designer Joe Dan presented jeggins to the public. Jeggins look like jeans but have more plus points. They are much more comfortable. They don't have buttons or zips. That means you can feel absolutely safe and don't need to worry that one of the buttons can fall off or zip can stuck or even worse - break. And one more thing in favor of leggings: they are much cheaper than jeans.

So leggings have won their top place in our lives absolutely fair, as they allow us to look smart and feel snug at the same time. More over you can always rely on leggings when in need to look good. I think leggings deserve long and bright life in our wardrobes.