Lingerie is one of the most essential tools in the art of being attractive and seductive. And the times when ladies had to choose between two options to be pretty or feel cozy had gone forever. Nowadays we are offered hundreds of different lingerie models to wear. No wonder that we're sometimes obsessed with the problem to find a pair of perfect knickers or an ideal bra. We wear undergarment most of the time. In fact we take it off just for brief moments, so it's crucial to have really comfortable one.

Silk or cotton underwear is the most friendly and pleasant for skin. You can wear silk lingerie while it's warm or hot outside, however cotton one is suitable all year round. Anyway, manufacturers of the highest quality lingerie can't do without lycra or polyamide as these fibers have the ability to keep shape and give extra elasticity to the underwear. Moreover they don't irritate sensitive skin. Even the best and the trendiest underwear should fit you and be your size. It's really important in terms of both health and beauty. Today women have joined different knickers fans clubs and sometimes they even get their knickers in a twist proving that their choice is the best. Hipsters and classic briefs are the leaders, boy shorts and bikinis tread on the heels of them, and thongs and G strings are the last ones.

Did you know that knickers as well as many other items of women's wardrobe were borrowed from men? And they have quite a long story. In fact men used to wear something that was a far cry from the knickers at the time when they had to run after food in the forests and mountains. However knickers design changed along with the development of civilization and later they looked more like long narrow pants, but still they were worn only by men. Women didn't have such a privilege as they mostly stayed indoors. Only at the end of the 18th century the first women's knickers appeared. They were knee-length made of silk or batiste and decorated with lace and ruffles. Of course only rich ladies could afford such a luxury. Since the beginning of the 20th century design and style of women's panties have been changing dramatically. And today seamless underwear is catching on really fast, because it looks as gorgeous on a naked body as under the clothes. Moreover it never makes you feel discomfort.

As we know the first official patent for bra was received exactly 100 years ago. The American woman called Mary Phelps Jacobs was the author of this splendid invention. However history of this unique garment started much earlier. The oldest bras were found recently during the renovation works in the medieval castle in Austria, they are supposed to be worn in the 15th century. Apart from wear and tear they look exactly as their modern versions.

It's interesting that not only designers but engineers as well are involved in the process of making modern high quality bras. Modern bra consists of three main parts: cups, band and straps. If the bra has just right construction then 80% of breast weight is compensated by band and only 20% by straps. When this limit is exceeded bra becomes just a decorative item of women lingerie. Although fashion historians foretold death of a bra so many times we still see increasing interest to this underwear.

No matter the weather, no matter the reason. We wear them all year round in every season.