Maternity fashion

Every woman always looks gorgeous, but pregnant woman looks mysterious as well. Of course pregnancy is not the best time to show off the grace and elegance of your figure, but it's not the reason to refuse to be stylish and trendy. Before we start looking at the best maternity fashion trends of this season we should mention that all the clothes must be sewn from the fabrics that are breathable, soft, absorbent and don't irritate your skin. As a rule they are natural materials such as cotton, linen, natural silk and wool. However you shouldn't fret elastin or viscose, they are soft and breathable, moreover they're stretchy.

So let's choose a trendy wardrobe for a pregnant lady. First of all you will need a pair of special maternity jeans. They are just the vital thing as they will help you to create an endless number of images in the casual style and they will give you snug and comfort during this interesting but quite long period of your life. Next important and practical thing in the wardrobe should be a sweater, but not just a sweater, think of long and loose models as they will cover your growing belly and you will feel warm and cozy.

It's really hard to imagine maternity fashion without dresses. They are still the most popular options, and it's not surprising, as dresses are comfortable and feminine. Dresses can be either A-line, which have flattering effect due to the straight lines, or light and flowing, bodycon or tunic. Designers propose beautiful dresses in ethnic and marine styles, although African prints will give you more enigma and mystery. Tunics and blouses are in trend as usual. However this season they are just in white and don't have any decorative elements. Simple style and light airy fabrics will make you look like Greek Goddess and feel like a million dollars. As for colours trendy maternity clothes closely follow the fashion trends of the season. So pay attention to saturated blue and its shades azure and cobalt, as well as orange, light Ė yellow, mint and almond shades. As for prints, which are the hit this season, you should choose clothes with floral patterns or original geometry ones. Classic polka dots and stripes are as fashionable as used to be.

As everybody knows the period of pregnancy lasts for 9 months, so you will definitely need a coat or a jacket. In this case designers play on your side and offer a huge variety of clothes to choose from: soft oversize coats, parka jackets (which you can easily use for creating your image in military or sporty styles), capes, ponchos are just what moms to be need. Pay attention to a very unusual sling jacket, which considers all and every peculiarities of your growing tummy, as it features a long A panel zipped in over your bump. Later you can use this A panel zipped the other way to carry your child.

So as you can see pregnancy is not the reason to abandon your own style in clothing. Fashion allows moms Ė to Ė be to wear in any style from romantic to boho-chic. Just use your pregnancy as a great opportunity to make different experiments with styles.