Men's fashion

Who said that the fashion had a woman's face? Gentlemen are not less fashion victims than ladies. Moreover time dictates its own rule to the men: in order to succeed they have to work really hard both in business and on their appearance. Today men ought to be modern, trendy and perfectly groomed. As Oscar Wilde once said: “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearance.” Let's have a look at men's fashion. The base for this season trends is nostalgia for 1960s elegance and tendency to minimalism. No wonder that the motto of this season's fashion is informality in everything. Bomber jackets have been the key figure in men's outerwear for several seasons, but this time pay attention to models with abstract prints and in bright colours. However parkas and A - line retro style coats are not less popular. Colorful trench coats and woolen belted coats are also worth of attention.

Designers made the main accent on suits. But don't forget about informality and don't be surprised when you are offered to wear your English suit with sneakers, and blazers with baggy pants. Moreover this season you can put on your T-shirt underneath, but still I don't think there's something more universal than a simple white shirt- it's just every man's must have item of the wardrobe. And the suit with Bermuda shorts is an absolute leader this season.

Pullovers and cardigans in a shabby chic style are the most important investment, as bulky silhouette and slightly shabby appearance are distinctive features of the season. By the way you can put on your cardigan instead of your blazer or jacket.

Today we witness the triumphant return of denim in jackets, shirts and Capri pants. Sport, a faithful companion of each man, inevitably influences this season fashion. Many designers presented their own interpretations of classic track suits betting on bright colors and high-tech fabrics. As we speak about colours we should mention that stereotype claiming that men prefer dark colour range is gradually being broken. Beige is the most popular color. Designers even call it the other skin. Check in all its diversity has won the leading place among prints. So it's up to you which one to choose: tartan, gingham, shepherd's, houndstooth, tattersall, pin or Prince Wales check, just know this season check is your loyal ally. As for footwear pay attention to comfortable loafers (choose brown, blue or burgundy colour – they look very expensive but still moderate), moccasins, as well as slip-ons of traditional colors.

But don't need to panic, as today men's fashion is so democratic that it allows every man regardless of his age, social or financial status to choose appropriate style and create interesting images and fabulous outfits for many different events.