Perhaps nightgown is the most intriguing item of women's clothes, which proves that every woman is pretty and alluring even at night. However nightgown has more than one function: first of all it supplies the owner with comfort during the night and as they say, “It's better not to eat enough than not to sleep enough”, moreover in women's hands nightgown is a powerful tool of seduction. It's interesting that now we refer to nightgowns as typically women's clothes, although from the 15th century up to the 19th century both men and women used to wear them. The situation changed at the end of 19th century when pyjamas came to Europe from India. Immediately men monopolized this item of clothes. From that moment nightgowns are only for women.

Generally speaking the history of nightgown is rather famous and quite simple. It appeared in the 15th century in Bohemia and was called “a skirt for sleeping”. Such nightgowns were made of cotton or linen and were incredibly large and long, moreover they cost an arm and leg. Hence nightgown was a luxury and commoners slept either naked or in the dresses they wore during the day, that depended on the season.

Today every woman can have several nightgowns in different styles at her disposal. Classic is always in trend – strict straight silhouette, minimum of details, natural silk and noble colours of black, dark brown and dark blue is a key to elegance and comfort. Long and short night gowns made of translucent fabric with plenty of lace are very popular as well. As a rule these models are close – fitting which makes the body look gorgeous and seductive. It's a perfect choice for a romantic night. Baby – doll style has been in trend for three years already and of course it influenced the nightgowns, too. Such models are hip- length with an open décolleté, they also feature lace, ribbons and ruffles as decorations.

Modern nightgowns nor hide anything neither warm anything. And they don't have to, I mean our apartments are rather warm during the cold seasons, thanks to the central heating, and blankets made by new technologies - so you will feel snug and cozy even in a light nightgown. However designers carry on doing experiments with nightgowns and they pay special attention to the colours. Until now nightgowns were usually made only in soft pastels, but today they are multicolored, bright and pied. But still cream, gentle lilac, pearl, pearl grey, cherry and dark blue are considered to be the most comfortable ones for sleeping. So, it's up to you what colour to choose. Just make sure that your nightgown doesn't irritate your skin.

As a rule nightdresses are made of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, sateen and silk in order to give us pleasure and comfort while we are sleeping. We should remember that both physical and emotional health depend on a quality of sleep. Just don't forget to treat yourself to a nice nightgown and then your dreams will be as light and pleasant as the clothes you put on for sleeping.