Perhaps pants are that item of women's clothing disputes about which have not ceased for more than fifty years. Some people say that pants lack charm and feminine. But fashion designers do not agree with that point of view and prove that pants are the best tool to make women stylish and chic.

Let's have a look at what's in trend now Ė loads of different styles and models, which have sophistication and elegance in common. Pants made of dense monochromatic fabric dominate, because they are perfect at keeping shape. Colours are rather predictable as well: delicate pink and its shades, light brown, black, white, grey and the whole palette of yellow. Anyway, when you see the women's pants you just understand that every brilliant idea is in fact very simple. Take for example classic pants. On one hand we have just ordinary pants, but when they are up to ankles, high-waisted (absolute trend of the season) with neat arrows and done in neutral colour they turn into the work of art.

Flared are back in vogue. We can see them in palette of muted shades of the bright colours. Pay attention to the length (ultra low) and width (classic flared, wide and very wide). They are decorated with all types of chains and rivets. As you can see today form is everything. City style is hard to imagine without models of A-shaped silhouette. Due to sprawling straight lines women's pants emphasize elegance of the figure. Skinny pants as well as leather ones are among the top trendy pants this season. As for jeans it's easy: take light denim, choose the width, adorn them with large buttons a la brass and you have jeans in the latest fashion.

As for prints checks, vertical and diagonal stripes, animalistic and floral patterns are in favour. Sport models are decorated with contrasting stripes on the sides. But still there are more monochrome models. If we speak about fabrics we should mention that today designers use denim, silk, tweed, leather, jacquard and satin. As for sport models nylon and neoprene are used. There isn't a tendency for decorating pants, however you can spot interesting pockets and quite unusual belts.

The secret of women's pants popularity is in their comfort and practicality. And you have the feeling that this year designers are going to fulfill all possible dreams and desires of our women.