Plus-Size fashion

Every woman wants to match the ideal of beauty expressed by the formula 90-60-90, but we are all different and nevertheless we are all pretty so there's no need to worry if your formula is not the same. You should never forget that woman's beauty is not in shapes or hair color, but in ability to present yourself in the right way. In this case all designers as well as stylists are on your side and they advise to follow the golden rule: first of all clothes must maintain your style and highlight the most attractive parts of your figure and then it might be trendy. You see, correctly selected item can visually make you reduce by several sizes. So what is the secret? The main task for shrinking visual sizes is to pull the silhouette and the best way to do it is to wear high heels. But avoid wearing stiletto heels as they will just emphasize your fullness. Think of wedge shoes that look really elegant. Platform shoes also come in handy as an alternative. Next tip is using belts. They do magic if you choose them right and in a proper colour. A thin belt at the waist will divert attention from the hips.

Never forget about legendary pencil skirt, which has been in trend for several years, as for visual decrease at the waist it's just necessary. The trick is to divert attention from a problem area to the most attractive one. So drawing attention to the waist we distract it from hips and belly. As we speak about magic skirts we should mention pleated maxi skirt, it visually stretches legs and looks really gorgeous. Such clothes can be in intense radiant colors, but never in light ones as they just make you look wider.

Nothing but dress can give you femininity and lightness. You will easily pick the perfect one if you remember that maxi dress conceals possible legs flaws, high waist dress hides belly and V- neck dress emphasizes breasts and makes neck look more attractive. If you'd like to choose some prints pay attention to larger patterns as they have more flattering effect.

Tunic is one of the most favorite garments among plump ladies. This season tunics are eclectic creations made in the best ethnic traditions with amazing ornaments. The models are sewn from exquisite fabrics but yet they have simple style with short or long raglan sleeves, round neck and straight loose cut. You should remember that tunics are quite short so it's better to match them with flat shoes such as ballerina or Mary Jane ones. Generally speaking fashion trends for plus size women are the same as for skinny ones. There are seven main trends this season: rely on colours yellow, emerald green, cobalt blue, pastel shades, but black and white combos play the leading role; pick up such prints as checks, zebras, floral and geometry, but don't forget polka dots; put on short jackets but high waist skirts and pants; loose cardigans, maxi skirts and ali baba pants are just mega trendy; denim is all around starting from dresses finishing with bags; lace is the best decorative element; large and multicolored accessories as a finishing touch.

You don't need to know the onions when you choose the outfits, just listen to your intuition and love yourself the way you are.