Shoes for women are an indispensable part of their image. For that reason shoes must exactly fit their style. Nothing helps to complete the whole outfit and give a special zest more than carefully chosen shoes. Let`s consider variants suited for constant wearing. Flat shoes can be made of various materials: from leather and chamois to light fabric and decorated with different ornaments. Espadrilles are elegant braided slippers. The soles of espadrilles can be flat or platform. They perfectly match shorts, trousers, jeans and suit all occasions: work, walks in the fresh air or even going out to a café or disco.

Designers offer numerous stylish variants of leather, chamois, fabric or embellished with different decorative elements. It should be noted that designers don`t hesitate to experiment with forms, colors and materials. They vary from original and outrageous to classic and comfortable. Classic pumps stand out among a wide variety of shoes by high heel, sharp toe and comfort. Such shoes can be of red, beige, blue, brown, green colors and made of metal. Patterns designed with crystals and original bows being present in some models. Popular variants of shoes are distinguished with a big and steady heel. Such shoes match any image. Effective models characterized by straps fastened around the ankle. Namely a bow tie leather strap can serve as a fastener.

Platform shoes ensure a woman with a complete convenience and beauty. For that reason designers insistently recommend to replenish wardrobe with a pair of platform variants. Shoes embellished with stones of all kinds, hasp metal heels and bands look attractive and eye-catching. They are complemented with lace floral motives, feathers on each side of various colors and can be completely sparkling with tiny and massive stones.

Sport shoes are worn not only in gyms but also meeting with friends and even for a romantic date. Sport shoes can be combined with trousers or sophisticated dresses. Sport sandals with a low platform will save amateurs of comfort and active life from the hottest days.

In the cold weather we start wearing boots. Somebody prefers high-heeled boots, knee-high boots or ugg boots. Whatever variant you choose, before everything else shoes must be comfortable and qualitative.