If somebody asked me what the most common item of clothing in the modern world was, I'd say “shorts”. In some enigmatic way we wear shorts more often than other clothes. Perhaps it's because of the feeling of freedom and comfort they give us every time we put them on. In the gym, on the beach, on a picnic, at the party, in the office, strolling in the park, dashing through the shops, at home - we need them everywhere. Isn't it just fabulous?

But what do we know about such an incredible thing as shorts? In fact shorts are much older than pants. At first our ancestors used to wear skirts, then one day a brilliant idea hit the ancient designers – to make a cut in the middle and sew parts of cloth. The result was unbelievable - the new outfit gave more freedom of movements to legs. But those were not shorts yet. In fact it was a far cry from the real pair of shorts. Along with the time shorts have seen lots of alterations and only by the middle of the 19th century we could see them in a familiar to us look.

Although they are supposed to be a casual wear, you can look really gorgeous in shorts due to different types of fabric and amazing elements of décor. More over you can wear the same pair of shorts but look different every time just changing belts and footwear. It's quite easy to guess that the name shorts comes from English word “short” means not long. However in spite of the name shorts can be of different length as well as different cuts. The variety of shorts cuts is just impressive- you can choose from Bermuda shorts, which are not too short and rather casual, so you can pair them with a blouse or a jacket to make you look chic. It's important to note that such type of shorts is good for ladies whose legs are quite fat. Jeans shorts also known as jorts are usually made from denims and as a rule have two back and two side pockets. Young and sporty ladies just adore this kind of shorts because they are awesome and incredibly attractive. Short suits are going main stream really fast and today you can find them in different colours and all possible prints. Such shorts are preferable for petite ladies.

Mid-length shorts more known as classic shorts are made for the city life. One of the main advantages of such shorts is the ability to make you look slim and at the same time conceal the most unattractive parts in the area of hips. But mind that wearing classic shorts in the office or in the busy city streets you definitely will look like a top model on the catwalk, however you'll look ridiculous putting them on for a trip to the beach. In this case short light type will be more appropriate. Such shorts will give you more chances to show off your tan.

So once again we come to the conclusion that such humble thing as shorts can be really amazing, handy in different situations and can be worn by everyone - young and old, thin and fat, short and tall. It's just time to take up a challenge and find your own lovely pair of shorts.