Tempting minis, multiform midis, strict maxis, we should agree that skirt is a unique item of women's clothing. Following the fashion length, width, cut, fabrics can be changed, but skirt remains with us. Moreover today skirt is living a life of unbelievable success and furor, in spite the fact that it's more than 2,000 years old. That's because skirts allow women to highlight their feminine and provide them with charm.

There are so many types of skirts that you'll find it in every style, suitable for any situations. The main task is not to lose the track in the vast variety of cuts available: tube or pencil skirt (suitable for formal occasions), tulip skirt (ideal choice for romantic date), Godet skirt (strict and elegant), Gypsy skirt (posh and eye - catching), Bubble skirt (light and airy), and circular skirt (simple but marvelous) as well as straight skirt, wrap skirt, draped skirt and many others. Feel dizzy? Then it's better to start with the length. It's really amazing but a few centimeters can either compliment your figure or make it unattractive. Mini-skirts with up to mid-thigh visually lengthen the figure because the legs are seen. Up to knee skirts are ideal choice because they do not influence your figure. However if you want to seem taller visually match such skirt with a pair of high heels. With midi-skirt known as French length you should be more than careful as it tends to steal your height. In this case rely on your high heels with the matching colour. Long skirts are not troublemakers at all. They suit everybody and just stretch your figure.

In other words: long or short, it's still a skirt. It's the best of all escorts. To the royal court or not do what you want in your favorite skirt.