I think I won't be mistaken if I claim that you hardly find a person who hasn't got a sweater in her or his wardrobe. And it's not surprising as sweater is a comfortable, warm, soft thing that gives boon and good mood to its owner. We got used to sweaters so much that it seems that they have always been with us. Is that so? Let's find out.

Cardigan is considered to be the progenitor of all sweaters, sweatshirts, jumpers, pullovers and turtlenecks. It's believed to appear as far as Ancient Egypt, although there's no proof. Our adorable sweaters came from England, fishermen and sailors were the first ones who appreciated this type of clothing. Sportsmen didn't stand aside and by the end of the 19th century sweaters became very popular as their main advantage was lack of buttons or any other fastener. But the moment of glory for sweaters came at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then we have become big fans of sweaters. So what will designers please us with this season? First of all knitted women's sweaters should be voluminous and mostly made of mohair. However natural rustic yarn is trendy as well. If we speak about colours black, white, bright green and berry are preferable this season along with pastel shades. But sweaters with large bright prints either abstract or flower are just chic. Stripy sweaters are fashionable, too. There's one hint stripes (thin or thick) should be horizontal. And don't forget about sweaters decorated with ethnic motif they as popular as used to be.

We all fancy putting on an elegant pullover on a cool day, but not everyone knows that we owe our thanks to great Coco Chanel for such a brilliant idea. The convenience of pullover drew her attention, she noticed that men wore this garment and felt absolutely free in the movements. So she borrowed this thing and turned it into women's pullover by slightly changing a cut. Now we can enjoy wearing this universal thing and easily combine it with every possible style of clothes: business, casual, sporty, vintage, sophisticated. Keep in mind that pullover is made of jersey and has no buttons.

This season cardigans are presented in two main trends: the first one is a new look at casual style, the second one is classic in all its shapes from strict to romantic. But all designers agree on one thing cardigan should be of high quality, which depends not only on knitting technique but on materials in the first place. Elite kinds of wool such as merino, angora, alpaca in their pure form or blended with natural silk are perfect solution for warm models. Colour can also be very effective way to express your own style: shades of blue, turquoise, cherry and of course pastel shades form pearl grey to delicate pink.

Generally speaking it's just impossible to imagine modern world without sweaters, as they are in favor in winter, spring and fall in other words 270 days a year. The popularity of sweaters is rather simple they're comfortable, practical and, thanks to designers, really beautiful.