As we know seas and oceans are as old as the Earth itself, but swimwear is much younger, in fact it's a bit more than 115 years old. It appeared when society became fond of the ideas to be closer to nature, before that time swimming in any of water bodies was never considered as a way of active rest or relaxation. Even if people swam they did it either naked or fully dressed. Only in 1920s women were allowed to show arms and even legs, but still they wore something that looked more like a dress. However it was the turning point for swimwear as designers got interested in this garment. Elsa Schiapparelli and Jean Patal did the first experiments in this sphere. Since then women didn't care about the length of the swimsuits but they went crazy about color and style. In 1932 Jacques Heim presented his brainchild – a separate swimsuit: tall shorts with a top and immediately it became the hit. In 1946 Louis Reard created the world's first bikini and in 1970 the last bastion was ruined when thong bottom was invented. By the way Brigitte Bardot and film “And God Created Woman” (1956) was the best advertisement for the bikini. Music wanted to take part in this competition and kept up with movie so in 1960 everyone heard a lovely catchy song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” song by radio.

Today sexuality controls the beach fashion, so it's very important to be able to emphasize it in just the right way and find the one and only perfect swimsuit. Moreover we should try to avoid the fear of disappointment. Some women are really in doubts and ask if perfect swimwear exists. Let's find out more about it. So first of all perfect swimsuit has to conceal figure flaws but highlight the assets.

Secondly the swimsuit's colour has to complement your complexion. If you have fair or light one your colors are pink, silver, lilac, berry, but no way yellow or green. If you're the owner of olive or tan brown complexion then you'll look gorgeous in sandy, gold, ocher or corral colored swimsuits but avoid purple ones.

And finally it has to be trendy. Of course it's a mammoth task to hide all you consider unattractive with a tiny piece of cloth, but still it's worth trying. If you know and follow the general rules while choosing your swimsuit you'll have less problems and as a result good mood and nice swimwear. If you have broad shoulders pay attention to tops with ties, and vice versa if you have narrow shoulders you'd better choose strappy tops. Hot pants as well as bikini bottoms have an ability to shorten your legs, while trikini stretches the body and makes your waist slimmer. In other words trikini is an ideal choice for leggy women with softly pronounced waists. It's a myth that skirts and ruffles on swimsuit bottoms hide your fullness, they make your legs look much shorter, too. It's important to know your figure shape in order to avoid annoying mishaps while choosing the swimwear.

Of course it's confusing when you see all the high-waist, bikini, itsy, hipster, hot pants, string bottoms and halter, push-ups, bandeaus, triangle tops, as well as tankini, trikini, monokini, bando etc. But no need to panic as this season all these are trendy, so your task is just to find the swimsuit you will feel comfortable in and really have a ball during your vacation.