I think that top is the best ever designers invention. It's so tiny and cute but still it's a real help in many different situations, as it's not only in tune with your outfit but it also complements it. Tops can be of many different types but they all have one thing in common they don't have any sleeves. Moreover tops don't have any age or seasonal restrictions. Women wear them everywhere: strolling in the park, training in the gym, dancing at discos, spending time at nightclubs, having picnics, doing shopping and working in the office as well.

The variety of tops is really amazing: tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, turtlenecks, crop tops, kaftan tops, peasant tops, Baby Doll tops etc. However you should remember that choice of tops depends mainly on a figure shape. You see every top has a particular neckline and cut which will look gorgeous on one woman but can easily disfigure another.

Choosing which top to wear you should also consider the reason and the season. So for a hot summer day crop tops and halters would be the perfect choice. As for a business type you'd better choose a classic length tops made of light fabrics, because they nicely match jackets, skirts and pants. And of course for special occasions you need a special top. It should be made of light and pretty fabrics such as silk, velvet, openwork or chiffon. You can drag attention putting on top embroidered with sequins or rhinestones. Such tops are always on trend.

This season tops with floral prints are the trendiest, so you can see different flower patterns from the teeniest to really huge. Besides it's worth to pay attention to tops with ethnic and abstract prints. However tops with 3D prints and philosophical inscriptions are the real chic. Practically all colours are in favor: black, white, red, blue, pink, green, lilac, but they mustn't be too bright or acid colour. This season they'd rather have a bit muted shade. As a rule designers try to pleas us with something new every season. Today it's a top made from the finest leather, which looks really effective and emphasize your beauty and individual style.

So as you can see top has already become a must have thing, because it can easily be the base of an outfit in almost all styles. That's why the fashion love ladies as well as designers all over the world appreciate this simple but still incredibly useful and amazing thing.