Wear to work

Every day millions of people go to work, and our world is full of fabulous professions, so number of people who need to put on work clothing or uniforms is tremendous. And we are getting used to see people in uniforms. Can you imagine the situation when you get an appointment with the doctor, you come into the office and see someone wearing a trendy suit instead of doctor's gown? Or you come into the bank and you're met by a man wearing fluffy slippers? Hardly.

So what work clothes is and what it is for? Modern work clothing is a successful attempt to combine comfort, practicality, corporate style and essential protective qualities. We can divide it into different groups: wear to work gowns, overalls; protective attire suits, gloves, boots, aprons, sleeve protectors; business clothing. While everything is rather simple with the first two categories of clothes office style is quite different. The harmony of two colours light and dark is considered to be classic, however monochromatic brown, black, grey, beige or milky suits are also acceptable. This doesn't mean office clothes are dull and boring. You can always embellish your humble suit with bright and stylish blouses, shirts and vests.

Kinds of work clothes also depend on different seasons, so there's winter clothes that protects from cold wind, low temperatures and high humidity; summer clothes that allows you to work in dry and hot conditions and spring and fall one that is considered to be universal and can be used for work in every climate conditions.

The work clothing is usually made from PVC fabric, which is soft, elastic, strong, durable and has a high resistance to abrasion, easy to clean and keeps color and structure for a long time. Moreover it is up to international environment standards. As a result such clothes protects its owner from dirt, water and other non-toxic liquids, acids, alkali, oil and fats.

Today work clothing is produced using the elements of corporate marks (certain color range, style company logos). And it's not surprising as a proper uniform is a company reputation, a part of its image which is very important both for foreign representation and the formation of internal unity. The company can have mega expensive and new equipment, but not many people are able to see or appreciate it. Nevertheless clothing in the corporate style is a really effective advertisement of the company, as we can easily remember the company name and colors.